Expedition No. 10 - ATLANTIC VOYAGE

Hutch tacked past the headland, let the sails luff and wiped the sweat from his brow. Those large Atlantic swells had been throwing him around since Greenland, so he was thankful for some respite. Now his stomach was informing him it was time to catch some dinner.

He dropped his line as a flash of silver streaked past his little boat.

A little later he found himself on dry land, the proud possessor of a gleaming Atlantic salmon, now deftly filleted and smoked over the fire. He was about to tuck in when a cheery voice echoed out from the bushes.

“That’s a fine fish you have there,” said the voice, which belonged to an equally cheery traveler. “Would you be wanting to swap a little for some bread and cream cheese?”

Hutch laughed. “Sit yourself by the fire, good fellow, and let’s yarn a while.”

It turned out Hutch’s impromptu fellow diner was also something of a cheese expert. “Of course what you can do,” he said, warming his hands near the flames, “is combine your cream cheese with the salmon from the start.”

“Isn’t that bit of a leap?” asked Hutch, mischievously.

“Not at all. It’s delicious in any pasta dish, or just on a cheeseboard. Pretty good with a nice spot of dry Riesling too. If you were to have any…” offered his guest, hopefully.

“Unfortunately not, my dear fellow” grinned Hutch. “But it’s a cracker of an idea, that’s for sure!”