It all started with Hutch, the pioneering shop keeper and fearless adventurer, travelling around the world in search of the best cheeses and recipes to bring back home to New Zealand.

Hutch is an Aucklander that represents New Zealand’s own version of Indiana Jones who discovers and explores the world to pursue his passion for food, in particular cheese.  Hutch never takes no for an answer – he will do whatever it takes to bring back the best of the best!

Behind his aviator clothes and rugged appearance, Hutch is a very friendly chap who loves to meet new people. He is curious, quirky with a great sense of humour that can’t be ignored.

Hutch blurs the lines between authentic history and compelling narrative.

Hutch has an adventure to share on how he discovered each Hutchinsons cheese product.

Follow Hutch on his Adventures

Hutch will continue to discover exciting new cheese varieties from around the globe and bring them to your local supermarket. Hutch is always on the lookout for new cheeses……..and there is lots more to come.

Join Hutch and his team on this delicious adventure and watch these new expeditions unfold. Or, if you would like to share one of your own cheese discoveries from your travels, we would love to hear about it. Go to our contact page and maybe Hutch could find a way to bring it to New Zealand for all of us to enjoy!

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