Expedition No. 2 - GERMAN GENIUS

Hutch surveyed his new surroundings. The magnificent mountains and dense pine forests in this part of Germany reminded him a little of back home. Traveling by airship had been an extremely dignified way to fly over them too, but he still preferred his trusty biplane. Shame it had been towed in London.

A thick Bavarian accent greeted him in the arrivals hall. It belonged to a thickset young Bavarian clerk who now offered his hand in greeting. “Herr Hutchinson, I presume?”

“Last time I checked,” grinned Hutch, playfully. “Take me to your Big Cheese.”

“This way, please,” replied the young clerk, without a hint of acknowledgment.

His superior, the local Cheesemeister, came across equally curt when they arrived at the nearby Käserei.  “We have ways of making cream cheese that you cannot possibly imagine,” he barked, rather boastfully.

“Such as?” replied Hutch.

“Such as combining it with fruits like apricot for a smooth, rich and delicious addition to an after dinner platter.”

“Or maybe just on a cracker,” suggested Hutch.

“Nuts,” replied the old man, taking Hutch aback somewhat. “We also surround our cream cheese with nuts.”

“It certainly adds a delightful texture,” added Hutch, spreading more of the deliciousness creaminess on a slice of Bavarian bread.

The old man raised an eyebrow. “I am beginning to respect you, Herr Hutchinson. For someone from the new world, you are quite the connoisseur.”

“Why thank you, mein Herr,” said Hutch, a twinkle in his eye. “Now how about we open a nice bottle of Riesling to go with this spiffing cheese!”