Expedition 4 Bangkok Banquet - Hutchinsons Sweet Chill Cream Cheese

Expedition No. 4 - BANGKOK BANQUET

Hutch and his Thai guide made their way through the steamy streets of Bangkok. Having successfully sidestepped the excesses of Khao San Road, they now found themselves in the midst of a bustling street market teeming with exotic sights and smells.

“Chatuchak, Chatuchak,” barked his guide, spreading his plump arms wide in wonder at the multitude of stalls.

“It’s certainly quite a racket,” shouted Hutch above the din.

“No!” cried his excitable companion. “This Chatuchak! Biggest street market in world!”

Hutch marveled at the colourful diversity of goods on display and began to salivate at the ample opportunities to feast too.He knew exactly what he was looking for here, and it rhymed with ‘knees’.

“Come, follow!” cried his animated guide, and with Hutch in tow deftly weaved his way through the throng to a tiny stall in the shade of a Bodhi tree.

The stall owner, a wiry man in a coolie hat, was flitting to and fro with a fan in a courageous attempt to prevent his cream cheeses melting. So much so, Hutch noted, that he looked in danger of melting himself.

“Try this one, sweet chilli,” insisted his guide. “Right you are, dear fellow,” quipped Hutch, and popped a tasty morsel mouthwards. Immediately, the cool cream cheese and zingy sweet chilli combination made his tastebuds sing like a Red-Whiskered Bulbul.

“My word!” exclaimed Hutch in admiration. “I can see that going down beautifully with a Pinot Noir or Cab Sav. Maybe even a cheeky Chardonnay!”

“You like?” asked the stall owner?

“Indeed, my friend, it has put the bang in Bangkok!” replied Hutch. “Now let’s load up that rickshaw and hightail away before we all melt!”