Expedition No. 5 - TUSCAN TOUR

Hutch knew he was truly in Tuscany when the first cypress trees began to march across the gently undulating countryside.

It had been a pleasant journey southwards from the Swiss border, and although his motorised scooter had sounded not unlike an angry wasp the entire way, he could not fault its performance. Now he was looking forward to a true taste of the Mediterranean, and possibly a dash of la dolce vita for good measure.

Having originally been leaning towards Pisa as his first stop, Hutch now wondered if that might not turn out to be rather a ‘one tower town’, and Florence might prove more fun. Either way, both he and his trusty steed would need feeding and watering before they went much further.

As luck would have it, his attention was soon caught by a sign. “FORMAGGIO”, it proclaimed in large letters, accompanied by an eloquent arrow pointing towards a nearby farmhouse.

Hutch parked up outside the main building and shook the dust from his moustache. Before too long, an ageing artisan emerged from a nearby barn, waving his arms in excitement.

“Formaggio?” asked Hutch, hopefully.

“Prego, prego, signore!” came the reply, and he was ushered into the farmhouse where a cheese tray of epicurean proportions was brought forth. One cream cheese in particular caught our hero’s eye and, needing no further invitation, Hutch swooped.

“I say!” he exclaimed, “that is a savoury sensation. The subtle garlic and herb flavours would go down superbly with a fruity Pinot Noir or a chilled Chablis, don’t you know.”

His ageing host just grinned back and pointed toward a large pot on the stove.

“Ah! Saluti! Well played, sir” said Hutch, the truth finally dawning upon him. “I suppose adding it to cooked pasta might also be just the ticket. After all, when in Tuscany…. ”