Expedition No. 6 - TULIP TRAVELS

Hutch breathed a sigh of relief, glad to be on terra firma once more. He had come to the conclusion that ballooning was decidedly his cup of tea. Yes, things had got a little hairy avoiding those windmill sails, but at least there’d been a nice soft tulip field to land in. Now all that excitement had left him feeling distinctly peckish.

As if on cue, an attractive Dutch girl waded through the ocean of flowers towards him. “Can I help you?” she asked, twirling the strand of her lace bonnet, a little coquettishly Hutch thought.

“That rather depends, my dear,” Hutch replied. “How does one gain access to cheese in these parts?”

Not five minutes later, Hutch’s clogs were firmly under the table at the very windmill that had so nearly spelt disaster.

“And this is Maasdam,” said the Dutch girl, offering up a wooden tray laden with a delectable looking cheese full of holes. “It has a creamy texture and a sweet, buttery, almost nutty taste, similar to Emmental.”

Hutch needed no second invitation wolfing down another large chunk. “I say,” he exclaimed. “This would make a top notch sandwich!”

“It is also delicious melted on top of soup and casseroles. Or paired with a Sauvignon Blanc or Chianti,” added the Dutch girl, blushing a tad.

“Unlike your cheese, I see no holes in your argument, my dear,” said Hutch. “I was going to hop over to Switzerland, but I’m not sure I need bother now. I’ll take as many Maasdams as you can muster. Name your price.”

“No charge to you, sir,” said the Dutch Girl. “I am just happy you appreciate true craftsmanship.”

“That’s a low price even for the Low Countries,” replied our hero with a smile. “At the very least, let us go Dutch!”